Chinese Calendar 2018 with Holidays

The Chinese calendar is a traditional calendar as it is also known as Lunisolar calendar. The new year for China start from 16 February and signifies the mark of a new beginning with full of enthusiasm and energy. Each year of Chinese is represented by a Zodiac animal on the lunar-solar Chinese calendar. As the new year for the Chinese people has arrived so for this we are launching the Chinese Calendar 2018 to make the people of China to plan their work and activity in advance. The Chinese Calendar 2018 consists of all the important days of celebration and holidays which will make the people to plan in advance.

Chinese Calendar 2018

Chinese Calendar 2018

Chinese Calendar 2018 Today

Chinese Calendar 2018 Today

Lunar Chinese New Year 2018

Talking about the holidays, the Chinese people are very hardworking and holidays make them feel relax and make them spent their precious time of holidays with their family.

Lunar Chinese calendar 2018

As holidays are very important in everybody life so we have come here with the list of holidays printed in bold letters in our calendar, you have to just download it free of cost.